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Pennsylvania, USA


Creative Arts Therapist

Country(s) Visited:

Rwanda – July 2014


Janelle Junkin, PhD, MT-BC. Dr. Junkin is a board-certified music therapist and an independent researcher.  She has taught at various universities in the Philadelphia region and is currently an adjunct professor at Harrisburg University, Philadelphia campus. Dr. Junkin works with BuildaBridge International as the Dean of the Restorative Arts Institute providing professional development opportunities. She has trained and supervised community artists and creative arts therapists who work with refugees, survivors of torture and vulnerable populations.  Janelle is the founder of Orchestral Dialogues: Accepting Self, Accepting Others.  She has completed research and consultation with the Armed Services Arts Partnership and MindLeaps and has consulted with organizations and companies to build their own internal Monitoring and Evaluation systems. Dr. Junkin has worked in 15 countries on five continents. She is published in the Journal of Applied Arts & Health and the International Journal of Education & the Arts. Her most recent book chapter was published in Arts in Healing, August 2018. Her areas of research include child and youth identity development, the role of the arts in conflict transformation, and understanding the community arts and creative arts therapies as vehicles that provide hope and healing to people and communities in crisis. Janelle currently serves as a faculty member at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.