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Ontario, Canada


Professional Contemporary Dancer

Country(s) Visited: 

Guinea – November & December 2018

Mauritania – March-May 2019


Anna Defent was born in Centreville, Ontario and began her dance training at the early age of three at Judith Coleman Oxford School of Dance. Her passion for dance grew as she did, and she embarked on a variety of dance opportunities including many local festivals, dance shows and summer schools at both Quinte Ballet School and Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. Having limited training in a small town, Defent made the ambitious decision to attend the School of Alberta Ballet at 15 and graduated in 2013. Studying under Nancy and Murray Kilgour, she was able to perform a great deal and gain much knowledge and strength. In her graduating year, Defent made the decision to audition for the School Of Toronto Dance Theatre. Within the School, she volunteers her time generously assisting in the Young Dancer’s program and being the Assistant Stage Manager for multiple student run productions. She is also an active member in the Toronto dance community. Defent loves any opportunity she is given to perform and has been inspired and moved to have work with the staff at the School along with Kate Alton, Robert Desrosiers, and Sasha Ivanochko. Defent is now living in London, England taking on new challenges in her dance career and being a fearless independent artist across seas.

When asked why she joined the MindLeaps team, she responded, “I wanted to break out of my personal dance bubble and instead work to help others. I’m thrilled to be going to a country where people have such deep passion and love for dance. After participating in the MindLeaps “Train the Trainers” program, my mindset on dance has shifted. For me, dance used to be a way to escape, but now it’s so much more. It’s a way to inspire and help others succeed.”